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If you are thinking about building a pool it really can’t hurt to give us a call or contact us. When you do let us know outright that you are exploring the possibility and want to find out more. Even if you may not want to start the building procedure right away. The reason why we actually recommend that you let us know what stage of the process you are in is so that we know what information could be most relevant to you. What we don’t want is to be a company that is talking about pricing all of the time. We feel that doing so puts off a lot of people. We haven’t even told you what we can make your pool out to be and we are already telling you what your bill is going to look like. That doesn’t make much sense.


There are a couple of questions that we are going to have for you when you call. As we mentioned we are going to want to know what stage of the building process you happen to be in. If you have anything that you would like us to know because you feel that it’s relevant to the project let us know. It’s certainly very important to us to be able to build these channels of communication with you. So that we can talk through all of the possibilities that we may have for you.

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